Help Eli Through His Journey With Autism


We are raising awareness and funds to support Hope Center 4 Autism assist children with Autism through therapy.


In 2011 Darcee and Tim’s three-year-old son Eli, was diagnosed with Autism. Their world turned upside down and they had no idea where to begin their journey to help their son, but with the help of the Hope Center for Autism Eli began making progress day by day.




"After four years of ABA therapy at the Hope Center, our son has made leaps and bounds. The once non-verbal child is learning to speak. The child who could not sit through a meal in a restaurant can now sit through a movie in a theatre. The child that once showed no emotion can hug you and tell you he loves you." - Darcee Maddy



Since April is the Autism Awareness Month, we are raising funds to help the Hope Center for Autism continue assisting our angels in Earth.



Online fundraising for Help Eli Through His Journey With Autism

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